Tested Glazes

Given my desire to only use glazes that are very durable in use, I have tested quite a number of glazes over the years  using a professional analytical laboratory and a standard leaching test--the same test specified by the FDA to assure that lead-containing glazes are safe for use with food. I used the same test; however, instead of testing for lead I tested for the colorants or other oxides I thought to be of most concern in each individual glaze. In addition I have collected test results from others and, with their permission, published those results also.

They are divided into 3 categories. Find what you are looking for by clicking on the link below or use the 'Tested Glazes' drop down menu above.

Earthenware (Cones 06-04)

Mid Fire Stoneware/Porcelain (Cones 5-6)

High Fire Stoneware/Porcelain (Cones 8-10)

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