When I started this page in my original web site over 15 years ago very few potters had web sites. Sorting through those that did was a fairly easy task. Nearly every professional potter has a web site as do many part-time or hobby potters. The task has been much more challenging. Nonetheless these are potters whose work I admire. I do not exchange links or ask anything of those whose sites are listed below.

Ron Roy has a new website which is dedicated to making great functional pottery. But it also has a gallery--more of a historical review--of his work over the last 45+ years. Check it out.

Andrea Fabrega was in my original listing and is just as amazing today as she was then. She makes some of the most beautiful and amazing miniature porcelain pots I have ever seen. You know you are in for a treat when you see her thumb and finger in the picture with 3 of her pots on her home page.

David Hendley is a friend I met through the Clayart discussion forum 12 or more years ago. David has made his living from pottery all of his adult life. He is not only an excellent potter, he also built his own home and never buys anything he can make. His musical skills are also outstanding and he is a fun person to be around. He is a wood-firing functional potter although he doesn't produce those brown, crusty wood-fired pots--he uses scrap wood as an inexpensive fuel source.

Vince Pitelka, also a good friend, is a master of handbuilt pottery as well as of colored clay. His work will amaze you. He started as a production potter in California but is now a professor at Appalachian Center for Craft, a part of Tennessee Technological University.

Paul Lewing is a superb tile artist and glaze chemist. His website, is well worth a visit. Paul is also a friend and is basically a painter who uses ceramic tile as his canvas. He has probably done more glaze experiments to develop his pallette than any other living potter. His murals are beautiful as are his smaller pieces.

Robert Compton of Robert Compton Pottery throws giant pots and makes some unusual things like hanging ceramic aquariums. He also teaches workshops and has 6 kilns on his Vermont property fired by wood and gas. The most interesting is his 550 cubic foot Noborigama which he fires twice a year. Robert was also one of the potters who was among the first to have a web site and was in this listing of mine from the start.

James Freeman is a relatively new potter/sculptor on the scene. After a career in the financial industry he has turned his creative talents to clay. James has become an outstanding contributor to the Clayart discussion forum and is one of the most broadly knowledgeable people I have encountered. His sculptural pieces are outstanding -- I particularly like his Mona Lisa interpretation constructed from 520 ceramic cups. Check it out!

Meet Steve Mills, the Bath Potter, at  I met Steve at NCECA a few years ago. He was then the proprietor of Bath Potters' Supplies in the UK. He has now sold that business and returned to his first love, throwing and firing pots. He is primarily a wood firer. I love his pots and his dry British sense of humor.

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